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The Music Boosters contribute to the RMHS music program by raising money throughout the year in a variety of ways. We are always interested in hearing about any new fundraising ideas or ways we can be more efficient.  We have both BOOSTER and STUDENT fundraisers that we host throughout the year.  

Our booster fundraisers help support the general booster fund and allow the boosters to help purchase equipment, travel expenses, meals during band camp, support staff, etc.  

Every other year the music department plans a Spring Break trip where the students and staff tour and perform in a major city. The Music Boosters sponsor many different student fundraisers throughout each year where students can raise money to help offset some of the these or other expenses students have during the year.  Fundraising is optional, but it helps build funds that are deposited directly into their student account. All money raised can be applied towards music camps, uniform cleaning, marching shoes, polo shirts, registration fees, etc. Students can check their balances posted in the band, choir, and orchestra rooms. Funds may be accumulated and will be carried over the time a student remains in the music program. See more detail below under "Student Accounts". Questions can be directed to


Our booster fundraisers help support the general music booster fund and allow the boosters to help purchase equipment, travel expenses, meals during band camp, support staff, etc.  


Show your Mustang Music Pride!


Check back later for our link to all our spirit wear! 


Support the RMHS Music Boosters while eating at local restaurants. Percentages vary, but local businesses will donate a percentage of their sales to support our students. The more they sell, the more we make! Here are the upcoming Dine & Share Fundraisers. For each month, you'll click the link to download the flyer for more details and to present it at the establishment. 

2023-2024 Participating Restaurants
AUG - Culver's (Aug 16th)
SEP - Photo's Hot Dog (
OCT - Jersey Mike's (Oct 11-12) 
NOV - Mindful Kitchen (Nov 13-17)
DEC - Portillos (Dec 13th) 
JAN - Krispy Kreme (Jan 1-31!) 
FEB - Coming Soon! 
MAR - Coming Soon! 
APR - Coming Soon! 
MAY - Coming Soon! 

2022-2023 Participating Restaurants
Jersey Mike's 
Mindful Kitchen
Cafe Zupa's 
Rep's Place 
Mindful Kitchen 

2021-2022 Participating Restaurants
Photo's Hot Dogs
Jersey Mike's 
Mod Pizza
Rep's Place
Mindful Meals
Cafe Zupas

2020-2021 Participating Restaurants
Jersey Mike's
Cafe Zupas

2019-2020 Dine & Share Participating Restaurants
California Pizza Kitchen (Schaumburg) 
Buona Beef 

Music Booster Tier Supporter: Booster Fundraiser


All families with a student in the RMHS Music Program are a member part of our Boosters Organization - we have no fees to be a member!

We do rely on the generosity of our parents, alumni, and community members to provide additional support by becoming you as a Mustang,

Jazz in the Meadows: BOOSTER Fundraiser

Our largest fundraising event each year is Jazz in the Meadows. It’s the largest high school jazz event/competition in the Midwest and takes place the last weekend in February every year. Nearly 100 high school and junior high jazz bands from all over the Midwest come to play and compete in nearly 120 performances. The day is filled with great music and clinics. At the end of the day, a featured jazz group or artist headlines the day with a grand finale performance. This is our single most important event of the year. We ask every band parent, relative, and friend to volunteer their time. There are plenty of opportunities whether it’s all day or just a few hours, we need your help. SO SAVE THE DATE - FEB 24, 2024

Fresh Baked Cookies: Booster Fundraiser

Warm, oven-fresh cookies are baked and served by the Music Boosters at all home football and select basketball games. We also warm up our ovens for the RMHS Craft Fair and other RMHS events to serve our cookies! Look for our booth next to the concession stand at all home football games.


What Are Student Accounts?
RMHS Music Boosters offers students and families the ability to fundraise money for school-related music activities.  These funds are kept in a separate savings account from the general music boosters account and are managed by the treasurer.             

How Are Funds Raised?
RMHS Music Boosters offers several student fundraising opportunities throughout the year.  Examples include but are not limited too:  Cheesecakes, Butterbraid, Gift Cards, etc.  In order to maintain RMHS Music Boosters non-profit status, 75% of funds raised by a student goes into their student’s account and 25% goes into the music boosters general fund which benefits all music students.  

What Can Funds be Used For?
Student Accounts can be used for any school related music activity or event.  Most commonly student account funds are used to help pay for school-sponsored fees, uniforms and trips. Upon request, direct payment out of a student’s account is authorized by the director.  Additionally, funds can be used for items that support the music student such as music lessons, supplies, and repairs.  Pre-approval by the director and receipts are required for reimbursement.

What Happens to Unused Funds After Graduation?

All student account funds belong to RMHS Music Boosters.  Remaining funds will be automatically rolled into a sibling’s account, or by written request can be rolled into another student’s account.  If there is no sibling or written request, then the funds are transferred into the General Music Booster account which benefits all students.



Butter Braids and Cake Rolls: STUDENT Fundraiser

Order Period: Fall and Spring each year
FALL SALE Butterbraids- Sept 1st, 2023, to Sept 15th, 2023
PICK UP: Sept 27th, 2023 from 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

SPRING SALE Cake Rolls - February 2, 2024, to February 16, 2024
PICK UP: February 28th, 2024 from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

ONLINE LINK:  Coming Soon once our sales are up and running!   

Butterbraids are frozen ready-to-bake braided pastries with a homemade appearance and taste. 

Cake rolls come in a variety of flavors that are frozen and then ready to serve!  No baking is required! 


RMHS Music Boosters has partnered with MN Based Craft Coffee Roaster - DRIVEN COFFEE for our next Music Boosters Student Fundraiser!   

Order Period: NOVEMBER 27 - DECEMBER 11th

For all our supporters - this virtual fundraiser ships DIRECTLY to the purchaser!  Use the link below, and during "check out" the person ordering selects the student name who will receive the fundraiser credit.  ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SHARE THE LINK!  


We will receive 40% of sales! This is a new fundraiser for us and hopeful you will enjoy these new options! 


Gourmet's Delight Cheesecakes: Student Fundraiser


FALL SALE - October 17, 2023, to Nov 1, 2023 
Pick up - Nov 14th, 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm.

13 delectable flavored restaurant-quality cheesecakes that weigh approximately 4 lbs. and are pre-sliced into 14 restaurant-size portions. No slicing, no mess, ready to serve.

Un-Fundraiser: Student Fundraiser

More information to come on the relaunch of this program!
Any direct donations to student accounts must remain in student accounts
or be used for a music approved expense.
No cash refunds are available for personal use.